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Benefits of a Grassroots-Oriented Labor-Management Program

It’s a tale as old as time: employers versus their workers.

For generations, labor and management have gone head-to-head, each fighting for their piece. As we continue to advance into the modern age, industry leaders have begun to question: How can we meet our bottom line, advance our legislative goals, and still treat our workers with dignity? Turns out, it’s not as difficult as the history books have made it out to be. 

It’s an out-of-date notion to think that workers don’t support the industry they work for. More often than not, workers’ beliefs and goals are in line with the industry’s, so long as progress isn’t at the expense of their livelihood. Once industry leaders are able to identify what’s important to their workers and where those issues intersect with industry goals, that’s where true progress can take place.

Labor and management are in this battle together, yet individual member companies and trade unions alike must be careful: appear too generous to the other side, and employees or shareholders will be calling for your head. A grassroots-oriented approach can foster a greater relationship and collaboration with workers in the industry—without alienating key stakeholders.

Benefits of a Grassroots-Oriented Labor-Management Program
  1. Policymakers hear from a balanced yet nonpartisan coalition of “real people”—not lobbyists.
  2. Everyday stakeholders (company employees, family members, workers in supply-chain companies, etc.) have a place to join and stay informed on the issues.
  3. Management gains from the development of a national shared activist pool dedicated solely to advancing shared policy objectives.

A renewed Labor-Management program will have its best chance for survival if it is spearheaded by an entity skilled in modern methods and trusted by all sides. JVA Campaigns, a national public affairs firm with deep roots in the American labor movement and broad reach across over a dozen industries, is well-positioned to help.

As the only firm in the country to twice defeat right-to-work on behalf of the labor movement, JVA Campaigns is trusted by key labor leaders at the national, state, and local levels.

Our company often works with national organizations and associations to help them leverage the political and policy benefits of a strong partnership with working men and women. Presenting a united front has a profound impact on stakeholders and lawmakers. 

As experts in voter and constituent communications, we bring significant experience in digital activism and marry it with traditional communications methods for a comprehensive approach. Our team is fully self-contained—no tactics outsourced wholesale to a subcontractor—so we are nimble and agile, able to rapidly respond to new legislative, political, or public relations developments.