"No one can dominate a single medium anymore. To win, messaging needs to be integrated across all forms of communication."

- Kyle McDermott, Partner


Our experience in high-stakes environments enables us to provide your campaign with strategies that don't come straight from the well-worn consultant's playbook. Each campaign deserves its own strategic blueprint that is designed specifically for the task at hand, not template-driven plans recycled from some other campaign. There isn't any aspect of a campaign that our firm doesn't have experience in, and we want to use our knowledge to strengthen yours.

General Consulting

Members of the JVA team have served as campaign managers, executive directors of state parties, chiefs of staff, caucus directors, political directors, fundraisers, field organizers and everything in between—so we have the expertise needed to help you build your campaign from the ground up. As general consultants, we will be there from day one to help you do everything from creating a campaign plan and hire staff to vetting consultants and developing your core messaging.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is the business on which our company was founded, and it's the medium in which we've won the lion's share of our forty-four Pollie Awards from the American Association of Political Consultants. At JVA Campaigns we not only help you find your voice, but also make sure it's being heard. As a team of professional communicators, we understand that your message needs to reach the right people at the right time. Most professional mail looks "nice," and all firms claim to "break through the clutter," but few will integrate your campaign's mail so that it is part of a seamless effort to engage, educate, persuade, and mobilize your audience. We do.

Digital Advertising

There are hundreds of options for online advertising, ranging from display ads to online video and from social media to streaming radio. The key to running a successful online campaign is realizing that there's no silver bullet—each option has its individual pros and cons. JVA Campaigns has the knowledge and experience to design a plan using multiple advertising options that match your campaign goals and achieve superior results. When it comes to targeting methods, some firms will tell you there's just one method that can meet your needs—but we know better. Whether it's targeting by demographics, political cookies, IP zones/clusters, or social network, we can—and have—done it all. JVA Campaigns can help you get the right messages to the right people by targeting voters based on what they do, where they live, and who they are.

Our Clients

Helping causes, candidates, campaigns.

  • American Federation of Teachers
  • House Majority PAC
  • International Association of Firefighters
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters
  • National Education Association
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • State Innovation Exchange (Six)
  • United Food & Commercial Workers
  • United Steelworkers
  • U.S. Action

Dozens of candidates at the local, state, and federal level
Over two dozen state caucuses and state parties
More than a dozen statewide ballot issue victories

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